Holiday Greetings: Chodesh Tov! Rosh Chodesh Tamuz (Fourth Month) 2022 #NewMoon

Shalom, everyone! Rosh Chodesh Tamuz, the first day of the Fourth Month, begins sundown Tuesday, June 28, 2022, on the Hebrew calendar, with the sighting of the new moon (first visible crescent). Rosh Chodesh will last two days, from sundown Tuesday, June 28 2022 (Sivan 30 5782) until nightfall Thursday, June 30 2022 (Tamuz 1 5782). The Fourth Month marks the Fast of the Fourth Month (Tzom HaRevi’i, Tzom Tamuz) on the 17th day, the anniversary of Yisrael‘s sin with the Golden Calf.

Bnei Yisrael Society wishes a “Chodesh Tov” (“A Good Month”) to all who celebrate!

About This Month

Tamuz is the Fourth Month of the Hebrew calendar. Archaeological sources suggest that prior to the Babylonian Exile, this month was known as Zabah. The word “Zabah” is a Canaanite-Phoenician word meaning “offering (of produce).” After the Babylonian Exile, the Fourth Month became known as “Tamuz.” The word “Tamuz” comes from the Assyrian-Babylonian month Arah Dumuzu named in honor of the Assyrian-Babylonian deity “Tamuz.”

The following are the holidays and special events that occur during the month of Tamuz:

  • Tamuz 17Tzom HaRevi’i/Tzom Tamuz (Fast of the Fourth Month)

The following are some of the significant events in B’nai Yisrael history which occurred during the month of Tamuz:

  • Tamuz 5 – The prophet Ezekiel, while in captivity by the river Chebar,  first saw visions of YAH.
  • Tamuz 9 – Walls of Jerusalem breached by the Babylonian army, who then captured King Zedekiah of Yehudah, and killed his two sons.
  • Tamuz 17 – The Nation of Yisrael committed idolatry by worshipping the Golden Calf, a mere 40 days after receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai.
  • Tamuz 17 – In anger, Moses smashed the tablets of the Ten Commandments written by YAH, after seeing the Nation of Yisrael worship the Golden Calf.
  • Tamuz 17 – Daily sacrifices in the First Holy Temple were discontinued.

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