WATCH: “Saving the Forgotten Jews” (2015) – BBC News

Shalom, everyone! The following is a documentary produced by the BBC recalling the massive airlift of Ethiopian Jews from refugees camps in Sudan more than 30 years ago. The Israeli government used covert means to evacuate thousands of Ethiopian Jews from a hostile Arab country. The operation was dubbed “Operation Moses.”

The Ethiopian Jews are an ancient Israelite community that practiced a pre-Talmudic form of Judaism. They are believed to be the descendants of Bnei Yisrael who fled into Africa after the destruction of both Holy Temples.

30 years ago 2 remarkable mass movements transported this community to the modern State of Israel and now the festival has once again become recognised, much like the Ethiopian Jews themselves, as an authentic part of the wider Jewish tradition. This year as Sigd approaches we explore how this community came to arrive in the state of Israel. It is an incredible story of espionage, heroism and unyielding faith that led to tens of thousands of people leaving their homes and risking their lives. We join both those who were instrumental in the operations themselves and members of the Ethiopian Jewish community to explore how these so-called miraculous events happened and what they mean today.

Saving the Forgotten Jews – BBC News

Video from BBC News/YouTube

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