Tehillim - Psalms

WATCH: Shir Shel Yom: Yom Sheni (Monday) – Psalm 48 – Apr 05 2020

Shalom, everyone! Psalm 48 is traditionally recited as the “psalm of the day” (Shir Shel Yom) for the second day of the week, which corresponds to Monday on the Gregorian calendar. The psalm is recited at the end of Monday Shacharit (morning) prayer services. According to tradition, Psalm 48 was read by the Levites in the Temple on the second day of the week because of it’s relation to the second day of Creation.

Psalm 48 was written by the “sons of Korakh,” also known as the Kohathites, descendants of Kohath, the grandfather of Moses. Psalm 48 reminds of the beauty of the city of Jerusalem (Yersuhalayim), and its importance to The Almighty. Within Jerusalem lies the “holy mountain” of The Almighty, the place where He chose to dwell among His people Yisrael. Jerusalem is the city of The Almighty. Control of Jerusalem has been the desire of many nations, however, The Almighty ultimately controls this city. Though many nations have conquered the city and exiled His people, The Almighty will one day gather His people back to His city, and destroy all the enemy nations who defiled His holy real estate.

The following is our video about Psalm 48 in English, adapted from the Jewish Publication Society (JPS) 1917 version of the Tanakh:

Shir Shel Yom: Yom Sheni – Psalm 48 – Apr 05 2020

Video from Bnei Yisrael Society/YouTube


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